Energy Min Hatzidakis: The effort is in May to be able to return to normality

The government is gearing its efforts toward a return to normality in May but no guarantees can be given, stated Environment and Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis speaking to SKAI TV on Tuesday.
“The return to normality can’t be done thoughtlessly or just because we want it but will depend on the implementation of the measures and on the data,” he explained.
“We made this effort with so much discipline that nobody would have believed it so why should we ease off now? We will continue to listen to the scientists as we have done up until now,” he added.
Referring to the measures to support businesses and workers, Hatzidakis underlined that these were above the EU average, adding that the government’s aim to “save its strength” for next October and November, because the virus may return.
Asked about the “corona-bonds”, he said that the discussion is not over yet and that there are voices in this direction even within Germany. “It is  not only a matter of solidarity but it is in their own interests, because if the South collapses they won’t have any place to export to,” he said.