Energy, environment to add 9.5bn euros, 40,000 jobs, PM says

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who presented the government’s pre-election policy for economic growth over the weekend – named “Greece 2021” by his conservative New Democracy party – stated that the energy sector will constitute one of seven main industries of the national economy.

Samaras said that, through his party’s policy, energy and the environment will play a pivotal role by adding 9.5 billion euros to the national economy, as well as 40,000 new jobs. Emphasis will be placed on the renewable energy source (RES) sector, water management, as well as treatment of solid and liquid waste, the Prime Minister noted.

The country’s hydrocarbon prospects will also play a key role in his party’s growth plan, Samaras remarked, while noting that “the first signs concerning natural gas and our country’s underwater wealth are extremely encouraging.”

He reminded that tender plans for hydrocarbon exploration had gone beyond the theoretical stage and were currently in progress. “They have disclosed our ability to play a leading role in Europe’s energy supply, which is a matter that greatly interests Europe, itself. This future is not too far off,” Samaras noted.

Commenting on the government’s privatization plans, Samaras said such options are pursued by all countries, but were a taboo subject here, and, in some cases, remain so, implying the main opposition leftist Syriza party, which says it opposes privatizations.