Energy crisis measures to be extended until September

The energy ministry has decided to extend until September expiring emergency energy-crisis measures implemented in the wholesale electricity market, along with the suspension of a price adjustment clause for electricity tariffs.

A ministerial decision enabling extensions of these measures is expected to be signed today, if it has not been signed already, thereby triggering the extensions prior to this Sunday’s legislative election.

Under the current terms, a recovery mechanism for windfall earnings of electricity producers would expire on June 1. But this measure is now being extended for a further three months, until the start of September.

The ongoing suspension of a price adjustment clause concerning electricity tariffs was due to expire on July 1, but, as a result of the ministerial decision, it is also being extended, for two months, until the start of September.

As the energy crisis has continued to soften, these emergency price-absorbing measures have become less crucial and are deducting diminishing amounts from retail electricity prices of households and businesses.

In April, for example, the recovery mechanism retrieved just 46.3 million euros for the Energy Transition Fund, 41.7 million euros of this sum coming from RES units.