ELTA planning electricity market entry at the start of 2017

ELTA (Hellenic Post) is planning to enter the electricity supply market at the beginning of the year with competitive offers that will include bonuses for punctual customers.

The company, which is already supplying electricity to approximately 640 company outlets, distribution and processing centers, plans to make a gradual entry into the retail electricity market.

ELTA will initially focus on establishing power supply deals with company staff and retired ELTA personnel, followed by frequent customers, and then the wider public.

ELTA is currently completing tests concerning the information system to be used for its new power supply endeavor, while 200 personnel members have received in-depth electricity market training.

The company plans to utilize its extensive retail network by stationing energy sector experts at its outlets.

ELTA is also preparing to launch a promotional campaign that will aim to further familiarize consumers with the ongoing liberalization process of Greece’s electricity market.

ELTA officials believe the company stands a greater chance of luring PPC customers than private-sector independent suppliers as a result of the role of the Greek State, which controls ELTA with a 90 percent stake. The bailout requires PPC to reduce its retail electricity market share to less than 50 percent by 2020.