Elpedison reapplies for license capacity increase, this time to 1,000 MW

Energy retailer Elpedison has submitted a new license application to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for an electricity supply capacity increase of 150 percent after a previous bid for a smaller increase, submitted roughly a year ago, remained unanswered by the authority.

If approved, the latest license application will increase Elpedison’s supply capacity to 1,000 MW from 400 MW, a reflection of the firm’s plans for further growth in the retail electricity market.

“This higher capacity covers approximately 10 percent of the market, an appropriate level for the size and position of a firm such as Elpedison,” a company official told energypress.

The official also expressed discontent over RAE’s failure to respond to Elpedison’s previous application a year ago.

Elpedison’s share of electricity supply has recorded gradual increases over the year’s first four-month period, from 3.39 percent in January to 3.83 percent in April.