ELPE aiming to bolster trading activity in 2017

The objective at ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) for 2017 is to maintain record production and profit figures achieved in 2016, generated primarily by the corporation’s refining division.

Refinery data covering the first two months of 2017 indicates that ELPE is on track for another impressive year. However, officials at the corporation do not expect spectacular leaps.

Following strategic revisions that increased the profit margins of ELPE’s refining activities, the corporation has now set its sights on bolstering its trading activities, especially exports. Potential for improvement has been detected in this domain.

As part of the effort, ELPE has already established shipping fuel agreements (bunkering) covering the entire year.

ELPE also intends to place emphasis on research and production in 2017, as was pointed out by the corporation’s managing director Grigoris Stergioulis at a recent industry event in Delphi.

The corporation will also need to make decisions on its interests maintained in other energy sub-sectors.