Electricity suppliers battling hard for medium-voltage market shares

A heightened level of activity in Greece’s retail electricity market has been witnessed over the past few weeks as energy supply companies do battle for a share of consumers, especially in the medium-voltage category, in anticipation of the imminent introduction of NOME-type auctions intended to break main power utility PPC’s market dominance.

Likewise, high-consuming enterprises being supplied medium-voltage electricity, such as trading firms, retail chains, banks, shopping centers, and bakeries, are seeking the best possible electricity deals amid the flurry of activity.

This has intensified competition to the point where suppliers are offering near-cost-level deals, energypress has been informed.

Market officials have attributed the aggressive sales policies being pursued by electricity firms in the medium-voltage category to company efforts made to increase market shares, especially in terms of electricity amounts consumed rather than number of registered customers, all as a result of the upcoming NOME-type auctions.

The NOME procedure will entail offering wholesale firms access to PPC’s lignite-fired electricity production.

As part of the Greek bailout deal, PPC needs to reduce its retail electricity market share by 25 percent.