Electricity subsidies for first 300 KWh likely to remain

The government appears likely to keep unchanged an electricity subsidy criterion subsidizing the first 300 KWh of electricity used by households over four-month periods, despite initial indications of more restricted subsidy support following European Commission pressure.

Other key aspects of the latest electricity subsidy program for consumers, facing an unprecedented price surge, have not been finalized.

It remains unclear if electricity subsidies will be restricted to first homes without covering any supplementary home ownership, including holiday homes.

Officials at the energy and finance ministries are believed to be examining a new mechanism that would automatically calculate electricity subsidy amounts for consumers based on wholesale electricity price levels.

Natural gas prices have dipped in recent days, deescalating from a record level of 180 euros per MWh on December 21 to 80 euros per MWh, which is still 340 percent higher than the price level of 18 euros per MWh a year ago.

Likewise, wholesale electricity prices have eased to 182.46 euros per MWh, today, well below levels of around 300 to 400 euros per MWh registered just weeks ago, but still 220 percent above last January’s average of 56 euros per MWh.