Electricity producers in fierce battle for grid contributions

Independent electricity producers are waging an intense wholesale electricity market battle, between themselves and against the main power utility PPC, for maximum contributions of their natural gas-fueled power plants to the grid.

This intensified competition could prove decisive for the sustainability of plants. PPC’s diversified electricity production portfolio gives the utility the upper hand in this battle as it lends support to the offers it can make.

Market data indicates that electricity producers are battling for every additional hour of participation.

In the first nine days of 2018, PPC captured a 33.1 percent share. The utility was closely followed by Mytilineos, capturing 31.8 percent. Elpedison was next with 24.2 percent and Heron fourth with 10.8 percent.

Data provided by LAGIE, the Electricity Market Operator, covering the months of September, October and November, showed month-to-month fluctuations in the shares captured by producers operating natural gas-fueled power plants.

PPC’s share of this market ranged between 33 and 49 percent during the three-month period. Mytilineos’s share ranged between 29.5 and 42.1 percent. This independent producer’s share surpassed PPC’s contribution in October. Elpedison captured shares ranging between 14.5 and 25.33 percent and Heron’s contribution to the grid ranged between 4.4 and 10.8 percent from September to November. Maintenance work at its facilities during the three-month period subdued Heron’s share.

In terms of installed gas-fueled power plant capacity, PPC holds a 46.6 percent share, Mytilineos and Elpedison follow with 24.9 percent each, and Heron is ranked fourth with 11.8 percent. The country’s overall gas-fueled power plant capacity totals 4,813.6 MW.