Electricity prices fall around Europe, still high in Greece, at top of list

Electricity prices have dropped considerably in European markets but the de-escalation has yet to reach the Greek market, currently registering the continent’s highest price levels.

Today’s wholesale electricity price in Greece is at 228.63 euros per MWh, above the country’s February average of 222.06 euros per MWh, Europe’s highest.

Hungary and Romania registered the day’s second-highest price, at 222.48 euros per MWh, followed by Bulgaria (221.37 euros per MWh), Serbia (216.23 euros per MWh) and Italy (210.21 euros per MWh).

At the other end, Finland registered Europe’s lowest wholesale electricity today, at 69.05 euros per MWh, followed by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all at 69.2 euros per MWh), Ukraine (72 euros per MWh), Poland (97.68 euros per MWh) and Germany (102.22 euros per MWh).

As for Europe’s highest average wholesale electricity prices so far in February, Greece, at 222.06 euros per MWh, is followed by Serbia (215.91 euros per MWh), Italy (214.89 euros per MWh), Switzerland (212.25 euros per MWh), Croatia (209.54 euros per MWh) and Romania (209.53 euros per MWh).

The lowest February averages are currently held by: Finland (69.05 euros per MWh), Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia (69.2 euros per MWh), Ukraine (71.39 euros per MWh), Poland (97.68 euros per MWh), as well as Germany and Luxembourg (102.22 euros per MWh).