Power distribution, transmission surcharges unchanged for 2020

Updated electricity distribution and transmission surcharges included in electricity bills as revenue for operators will remain virtually unchanged in 2020, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, has decided.

The updated surcharges, to take effect March 1, will bring about small changes for certain consumer categories – slight reductions for high-voltage consumers and modest increases for low-voltage consumers.

Electricity distribution and transmission surcharges serve as respective revenue for DEDDIE/HEDNO, the distribution network operator, and power grid operator IPTO.

DEDDIE/HEDNO will receive part of a 115 million-euro amount owed by the system for previous years, according to sources. The operator received a 15 million-euro partial payment in 2019. Total recovery of the amount is planned over a five-year period, through electricity-bill surcharges.

The unpaid amount resulted from a dip in electricity demand amid the Greek economic crisis, which subdued surcharge revenues for the operator.