Electricity consumers unsettled, greatly increased return to PPC

An increased number of electricity consumers are switching suppliers, unsettled by the rising energy prices of recent months, the biggest gainer of this activity being power utility PPC, latest market data made available to energypress has shown.

The number of electricity consumers shifting suppliers increased by 50 percent in September, compared to the level in April. Specifically, 1.5 percent of the country’s electricity consumers changed supplier in September, up from one percent in April, the data showed.

Interestingly, the number of consumers returning to PPC, still the dominant player, more than doubled in September, compared to April. This trend is believed to have gained even further momentum in October.

The government’s role in presenting PPC as a safer, more socially conscious enterprise, as well as the company’s pricing policy, offering fixed tariffs, have been identified as the main factors behind this increased return of customers to PPC, market officials noted.