Electricity consumer complaint and query calls total 3.6m in ’19

Electricity suppliers received a total of 3.6 million query and complaint calls from customers in 2019, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, acting within the framework of its market monitoring role, has determined after requesting such data from suppliers.

The data reflects the heightened level of competition in Greece’s retail electricity market.

Most of these customer calls had to do with disputed billing procedures and clarification. A total of 92.24 percent of calls were made by customers already committed to supply contracts.

More than half of the 3.6 million calls by customers, or 2.02 million, representing 56.19 percent, were received by power utility PPC, the retail electricity market’s dominant player, holding an 84.44 percent share of the market.

The other 43.81 percent of calls, 1.58 million in total, were shared by the country’s independent suppliers, recipients, primarily, of pre-contractual queries by consumers researching market offers ahead of their choices.