Electricity bill complaints made to RAE abound

Consumer complaints about electricity bills submitted to a customer services platform set up by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, have abounded, reaching 5,457 between last September, when the platform, MyRAE, was established, and May 8, according to figures presented to parliament by the authority’s president Athanasios Dagoumas.

Roughly nine in ten consumer complaints submitted to the RAE platform have concerned electricity bills, while, more specifically, over half of these concern electricity-bill problems.

A total of 1,234 consumers, roughly one-fifth of the number that submitted complaints, disputed their electricity bill charges, the most common complaint. A total of 560 consumers complained about adjustment clauses included in their energy bills, while 327 consumers protested about insufficient information on energy tariffs and surcharges.

The RAE chief, speaking in parliament, noted that electricity suppliers found to have violated electricity market regulations will, besides penalties, also be forced to reimburse affected consumers.