Electric cars subsidy fund soon, recharge unit support to follow

The energy ministry is working on launching a subsidy program supporting electric car and bicycle purchases, 11,700 in total, by the end of this month, ministry officials have informed.

A related draft bill is scheduled to be discussed by parliamentary committees over the next few days ahead of its ratification and a required ministerial decision for the subsidy package.

The energy ministry’s secretary-general Alexandra Sdoukou, spearheading the government’s electromobility effort, intends to also seek funding through the EU’s recovery fund, when this fund is made available, to put together an equivalent subsidy support program for the development of recharging facilities.

The electromobility subsidy package, worth 100 million euros, will remain available until the end of the year. It will offer support to individuals and companies for the purchase of 1,700 electric cars, 3,000 electric bikes (1,500 bicycles and 1,500 scooters), 1,000 electric or hybrid taxis and 6,000 company cars.

Interested parties will need to submit applications to the effort’s online platform, Kinoumai Ilektrika, to be launched once the draft bill is ratified.

The program will also offer bonus payments for withdrawals of older vehicles.