Easier gas auction accessibility, bigger amounts demanded

A number of gas market reforms will need to be completed by the end of June, based on the country’s latest bailout agreement terms.

Sector authorities must finalize revisions to the DEPA (Public Gas Corporation) auction terms and conditions, the objective being to make auctions more accessible for independent natural gas suppliers and increase the natural gas amounts offered.

Contrary to various reports, a specific percentage figure for this gas amount increase has not been included in the final gas reforms agreement. But the text does state that the increase of amounts offered through the DEPA auctions will need to be substantial. In the lead-up, DEPA has contended that a major increase of natural gas offered through auctions would affect the corporation.

Also, legislation will need to be amended to further facilitate the natural gas network’s division.

In addition, RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, will need to adopt new natural gas transport and distribution tariffs. These are needed to help finalize the sale of DESFA, the natural gas grid operator, still pending.