RES licensing simplification bill headed for parliament

A legislative revision including a second wave of measures for further RES licensing simplification as well as a framework for development and operation of energy storage units is expected to be submitted to parliament today or, possibly, within the current week, at the latest.

The measures for further RES licensing simplification, included in Greece 2.0, the country’s recovery and resilience plan, are planned to be ratified by the end of June.

This would help unlock funding for energy-sector investments promised through the recovery and resilience plan.

A legal framework for offshore wind farms was also planned to be ratified by the end of this month but is now headed for a slight delay. This set of measures will be presented for consultation within the next few days.

RES sector officials have warned that a new measure designed to enable energy injection cuts of 5 percent for green electricity producers, whenever needed for grid security, would threaten the sustainability of RES units.