Disagreements expressed in gas release public consultation

Companies and various agencies that participated in a public consultation procedure focused on the formula determining the starting price at DEPA (Public Gas Corporation) gas release auctions have raised objections to a number of the plan’s details, announced by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy.

The objections primarily concern a DEPA proposal for post-corrections of the finalized starting price as well as the inclusion of an extra charge for the provision of flexibility.

Essentially, the disagreements strike at the core of the proposals forwarded by DEPA, which, in a recent energypress report, called for administrative costs included in the price-setting procedure to be incorporated into the auction starting price.

DEPA’s next annual gas auction is scheduled to take place on November 18.

In the public consultation procedure, EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, described the adoption of rules providing increased transparency as essential.

M&M Gas, a wholesale trading venture involving the Mytilineos Group and Motor Oil Hellas, in its intervention, noted that the formula determining the weighted average cost of supply is based on estimates concerning DEPA’s long-term supply and not the real conditions as revised for every three-month period.