Digital meters tender’s latest deadline expires Wednesday

The latest in a series of eight deadlines set by HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, for an equipment supply and installation tender concerning a first round of 200,000 digital electricity power meters around the country is set to expire this Wednesday.

Three bidders, including OTE as the latest candidate to emerge, appear certain to submit offers for the project, valued at 86.5 million euros, providing HEDNO does not announce a last-minute extension to the current October 21 deadline.

Besides OTE, whose interest in the project has become apparent most recently, the two other bidders expected to participate in the tender are Microdata, in association with a Chinese company, as well as Intracom Telecom. An offer by Ericsson has not been ruled out. Sources have noted the company is having second thoughts.

This long-running tender was announced 15 months ago, in July 2014, following public consultation procedures launched almost two years ago, in December, 2013. The replacement of old analog power meters with new digital versions was originally planned to begin no later than July 1, 2014. However, a series of interventions made by prospective bidders concerning technical and financial details of the tender has severely delayed the process.

The new digital power meters, featuring systems that help increase consumption efficiency, will be fitted at houses, small businesses and small-scale production facilities as part of the program’s first round of installations.