Development of smart digital grid a key strategy at HEDNO, chief tells

The country’s electricity distribution network, to be modernized, will play a key role in the transformation and successful changes taking place, on all levels, in the local electricity market, Nikos Hatziargyriou, the head official at HEDNO/DEDDIE, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, noted in an interview for local business news channel SBC’s Energy Week show, hosted by energypress journalist Thodoris Panagoulis.

The official, who offered an analysis of the operator’s plans during the interview, explained that electricity markets in Europe and around the world are undergoing drastic changes as a result of climate change, development of dispersed energy sources, such as small-scale solar facilities, as well as moves being made to transform consumers into market players. The distribution network is a vital factor for all these developments, Hatziargyriou stressed.

The Greek electricity market faces additional changes as new suppliers entering the market are seeking to increase their market shares, while small production units are growing in numbers, all of which will rely on the distribution network, the official noted.

HEDNO/DEDDIE plans to modernize the country’s distribution into a high-tech smart grid in order to cater to all these changes and new technologies, Hatziargyriou said.

The digitization of networks represents a major challenge for all operators, the official highlighted, adding that HEDNO/DEDDIE’s new strategic plan is comprised of 12 specific projects intended to upgrade the network by offering improved control, more effective monitoring, automated systems and, ultimately, better customer services.