DESFA reaches FID for west Macedonia region gas pipeline

Gas grid operator DESFA has reached a final investment decision for the development of a natural gas pipeline covering the country’s northern region of west Macedonia, paving the way for the project’s development in 2022 and  completion by the end of 2023.

The bulk of the project is expected to be ready sooner, by January, 2023, which will enable swifter natural gas distribution to many areas.

DESFA chief executive Maria Rita Galli, commenting on the gas pipeline project during a recent session of parliament’s standing committee on production and trade, informed that solutions are being sought for natural gas supply to areas even sooner, by October, 2022.

The gas pipeline project, measuring 157 km, will connect the west Macedonian region with the country’s natural gas grid. Its cost is budgeted at 147 million euros. Financing has already been assured from the grid operator’s own capital as well as a 505 million-euro loan agreement reached with the country’s four main banks, National Bank of Greece, Eurobank, Alpha Bank, and Piraeus Bank.

Galli, the chief executive, noted that an effort will be made to have the project inducted into the new National Strategic Reference Framework in order to minimize network usage costs.