DESFA presents more ambitious 10-year development plan worth €2.5bn

Gas grid operator DESFA has presented a significantly upgraded ten-year development plan covering 2020 to 2029 for public consultation that includes investments worth 2.5 billion euros.

It highlights the heightened role planned for natural gas in Greece’s energy mix as well as a need for an upgrade of the country’s gas infrastructure.

The public consultation procedure will run until September 2, the operator informed in a statement. Results will be published following this date, it added.

A series of projects, currently in progress or at the planning stage, promise to create new prospects for the natural gas market and significantly boost this energy source’s penetration of household and industrial markets.

Projects listed in DESFA’s ten-year plan include connections with gas utility DEPA’s CNG stations in Komotini and Tripoli; Kavala Oil and Elval industry connections to the national gas grid; and development of pipelines for gas supply to the Dodecanese and North Aegean islands.