DESFA pledges, in writing, LNG terminal addition will be ready for winter

DESFA, the country’s gas grid operator, has pledged, in writing, that an additional third storage tank at its LNG terminal on the islet Revythoussa, just off Athens, will be ready for a commercial launch between November 15 and 20, a prospect that eases concerns of an energy supply shortage in Greece this winter.

The issue is linked to a new commitment taken on by electricity producers for maintenance of seasonal reserves.

The current storage capacity offered by the Revythoussa LNG terminal’s two existing tanks does not suffice to avert energy shortage fears, meaning that the delivery of the new third tank ahead of this coming winter is crucial.

Gas utility DEPA has demanded clarification on the third tank’s delivery date and notification, well in advance, if the commitment is not to be met so that it can press ahead with leasing arrangements for a floating LNG tanker as a temporary solution. The sooner such tankers are leased the less they end up costing.

The addition of a third storage tank, which promises to increase the Revythoussa LNG terminal’s overall capacity to 225,000 cubic meters, would rid Greece’s system of any energy shortage fears.