IPCEI support sought by DESFA, Bulgartransgaz for hydrogen projects

Greek gas grid operator DESFA and its Bulgarian counterpart Bulgartransgaz, which have strengthened ties in recent years, aim to secure development support for two common hydrogen-related projects via IPCEI (Import Projects of Common European Interest) status, which, if obtained, would pave the way for EU funds stemming from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

One of the two projects concerns an upgrade of existing gas infrastructure belonging to the two operators so that – in the future, when the technology is ready – they may also transmit renewable gas, in other words, hydrogen made using renewable energy or biomethane produced from organic waste such as human or animal sewage or food.

The second of the two DESFA-Bulgartransgaz projects eyeing CEF funding support entails developing a brand new main system of pipelines, exclusively for renewable gas transmission, between Greece and Bulgaria.

This project would serve as a key decarbonization tool for the two countries, as well as the wider region, aiding climate-neutrality efforts by incorporating hydrogen into the energy mix.