DESFA assessing action needed for hydrogen-ready network

Gas grid operator DESFA is conducting a technical study examining interventions that will be needed to the country’s grid so that it may facilitate hydrogen’s entry into the energy mix. The operator aims to have completed and submitted this study to RAAEY, the Regulatory Authority for Waste, Energy and Water, by the end of the year, energypress sources informed.

The operator’s study is planned to include the cost of all actions needed for a hydrogen-ready grid, a substantiated proposal specifying an optimal hydrogen proportion for the country’s gas network, as well as feasibility studies on the connection, to the network, of individual hydrogen-related pilot projects.

These studies, DESFA anticipates, will also get authorities working on a hydrogen-related regulatory framework, currently non-existent.

A committee established to prepare a national strategy for hydrogen completed its task and delivered its findings to the energy ministry in 2021.

However, revisions made to the National Energy and Climate Plan, resulting in more ambitious targets, may prompt the energy ministry to seek an updated national strategy on hydrogen.

DESFA has already prepared a study assessing the degree of hydrogen mixing with natural gas over two stages, as proportions of 5 and 10 percent, and what these proportions would entail in terms of investments needed, Panagiotis Panousos, Energy Transition Manager at DESFA, told the recent RENPOWER conference.