DEPA Trade to take on majority of DEPA staff emerging from company split

Gas utility DEPA intends to transfer the majority of employees needing reappointment from a company split to DEPA Trade, one of two new entities resulting from the split, as its subjection to market competition will create greater personnel needs compared to the other resulting entity, DEPA Infrastructure.

The DEPA board plans to endorse this personnel transfer plan at a meeting scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

It is believed DEPA Trade will take on over 100 DEPA employees while DEPA Infrastructure will provide jobs for the remainder, numbering between 60 and 70, energypress sources informed.

These figures include staff currently on the DEPA payroll as well as sub-contracted associates offered regular work.

The majority of DEPA employees have expressed a preference for transfers to DEPA Infrastructure as this entity will remain under state control, viewed by the personnel as a safer job security option.

A majority stake of DEPA Trade is planned to be offered to investors through a tender. This privatization is a bailout requirement.

DEPA’s split procedure needs to be completed by May 31. All related accounting and personnel details must be finalized by next week.