DEPA working on minor issues, anticipating leadership change

Officials at gas utility DEPA are currently patching up on minor matters as they await bigger decisions, including the appointment of a new leadership, from the newly elected New Democracy government’s energy minister Costis Hatzidakis.

There have been no reports so far on candidates that could replace DEPA chief executive Velissarios Dotsis, appointed recently in an interim role.

The new energy minister’s team is currently focused on finding a replacement for former power utility PPC boss Manolis Panagiotakis, who resigned shortly after last weekend’s elections.

However, it is a matter of time before the energy ministry also turns its attention to DEPA and engages itself with the search for a new head official.

The current DEPA leadership is taking care of minor issues that have accumulated as a result of an administrative crisis at the gas utility over the past few months.

These include a plan for the addition of 6 or 7 auto gas stations to DEPA’s current network of 13 stations. This project is entitled to EU funding. Delays have jeopardized this funding.