DEPA chief invites Serbia to take part in Alexandroupoli FSRU, IGB pipeline

The head official at DEPA, Greece’s Public Gas Corporation, has extended an invitation to Serbia for participation in major energy projects planned for the region, namely the Greek-Bulgarian IGB gas pipeline interconnection and a floating LNG terminal in Alexandropoli, northeastern Greece.

Theodoros Kitsakos, DEPA’s chief executive officer, asked Serbian officials for the country to become involved in these projects during a series of meetings in Serbia.

Kitsakos visited the neighboring country to take part in an ecomomic forum earlier this week, held to discuss regional energy developments.

The DEPA chief met with key Serbian officials, including the gas utility and energy ministry heads, as well as energy-sector entrepreneurs, as part of an effort to promote DEPA’s strategic plan for the wider region.

Speaking at the economic forum, Kitsakos stressed the considerable gas needs of the wider Balkan region and Europe, overall, require the utilization of additional supply sources.

European gas consumption requirements represent 13 percent of global demand but the continent’s gas deposits amount to just one percent of the world’s total supply, Kitsakos pointed out.