DEPA, Cheniere discussing two time slots for LNG shipments

Gas utility DEPA and leading US energy exporter Cheniere, engaged in advanced talks for a first LNG shipment to the Greek market, have agreed on two possible time slots for orders, the first during the opening months of 2019, to cover peak winter-season demand, and the second for shipment in July or August to coincide with elevated summer-season energy demand.

The arrival of American LNG to the Greek market is also expected to test – in practice – the compatibility of American gas and local infrastructure and pave the way for long-term agreements, pundits have noted.

A decision by Beijing to impose tariffs on US energy-related exports to the Chinese market as a response to US tariffs on Chinese products is expected to prompt a redirection of considerable US gas amounts to other markets, primarily European.

DEPA and Cheniere officials are believed to be discussing both spot market and contract orders.