Demand response mechanism to be extended ahead of bid for new plan

The energy ministry has decided to extend a December 31 deadline concerning the country’s demand response mechanism (interruptability) into February, and, during this additional period, apply for a new two-year replacement.

A ministerial decision to facilitate this extension adheres to provisions offered by the European Commission, energypress sources informed.

This action will secure uninterrupted demand response mechanism coverage for the industrial sector. Power grid operator IPTO may stage one more demand response mechanism auction in January based on the support system’s existing terms.

The application for Greece’s new demand response mechanism, a key energy-saving tool for industry, will be along with another application for a temporary mechanism compensating flexibility.

Both mechanisms are considered crucial for the market’s proper functioning, a recent IPTO study determined.

The demand response mechanism compensates major-scale electricity consumers when the TSO (IPTO) asks them to shift their energy usage (lower or stop consumption) during high-demand peak hours, so as to balance the electricity system’s needs.