Demand response mechanism time extension a ‘top-priority issue’

A time extension for Greece’s demand response mechanism (interruptability), a pivotal energy cost-saving tool for industry, stands as a top-priority government matter for 2019, sector officials have pointed out.

This measure – compensating major-scale electricity consumers such as industrial enterprises when the TSO (IPTO) asks them to shift their energy usage (lower or stop consumption) during high-demand peak hours, so as to balance the electricity system’s needs – concerns the entire manufacturing sector and can serve as a base for the development of an industry-friendly policy, sector sources

The government must prioritize its application to the European Commission for a time extension of the measure as an independent tool rather than as part of an energy sufficiency mechanism, officials noted.

An extension of between three and five years needs to be sought by the government if it intends to follow up on promises of support to the manufacturing sector, sector officials stressed.