Demand response for electricity markets in first quarter of 2023

The Energy Exchange is preparing a demand-response mechanism for all electricity markets, in accordance with the European framework, and is aiming for a launch within the first quarter of 2023.

Brussels’ Clean Energy Package and subsequent European Regulations enable full access of demand response mechanisms into electricity markets. EU member states, market operators, and energy exchanges have been requested to take all necessary measures to make this possible.

The basic idea is to actively involve demand response mechanisms (consumption side) to ultimately allow for better management of the energy market.

For its part, the Energy Exchange is taking all necessary steps to provide the technical capacity offering this service to participants.

Distribution loads or industrial loads will be able to participate, on competitive terms, in all markets with electricity producers, while at the same time setting signals for the balancing market.

As for regulatory matters, the Energy Exchange is already preparing an amendment to day-ahead and intraday market regulation, which will soon be forwarded to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, so that it may stage public consultation before adopting relevant regulation.