PPC union groups seeking to block network sales

Five DEI employee union groups have resorted to the Council of State, Greece’s Supreme Administrative Court, seeking to block the direct sale of 66% of the corporation’s electricity infrastructure and transmission networks.

The union groups are pushing for the sale’s tender to be ruled as unconstitutional, illegal, and contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights.

The union groups claim that an actuarial study determining the size of the social security fund covering DEI employees and pensioners, which is incorporated with the assets of the enterprise and its subsidiaries, has not been carried out.

The planned sale, according to the union groups, essentially includes the asset rights of employees and pensioners that are affiliated with their social security fund. This is the case as a result of particularities concerning the social security fund set-up that has applied at DEI since July, 1999. The social security fund assets of employees and pensioners were incorporated with the corporation’s assets, while the state fully recognized DEI’s obligations to its employees and pensioners.