DEDDIE summoned to hearing over island wind energy limits

Administrative and legal officials at DEDDIE/HEDNO, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator, have been summoned to a RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) hearing to offer explanations for complaints over the operator’s alleged mismanagement of electricity grids on non-interconnected islands, sources have informed. This is believed to have restricted the input of wind-energy production into local grids.

Though DEDDIE is responsible for operating local grids on the non-interconnected islands, where diesel-fueled power units run by the power utility PPC continue to play a key role, the operator is not directly represented by an office and staff on most of these islands. Instead, grid management duties have been left to the discretion of PPC employees, meaning they ultimately decide on whether wind energy, generated by rival companies, will enter the system.

The RAE hearing comes following repeated complaints by companies operating wind-energy farms on non-interconnected islands over substantial RES electricity restrictions imposed through non-transparent practices.

It has been a common occurrence for local PPC staff, acting on behalf of DEDDIE, to order wind energy farms to stop operating at times of heightened production potential, RES companies have reported.

DEDDIE insists it maintains control over grid management decisions on non-interconnected islands.