DEDDIE to recover €115m network revenue shortfall, authority notes

Distribution network operator DEDDIE/HEDNO’s expected revenues for the past few years have fallen short of forecasts by an accumulated amount of 115 million euros as a result of subdued electricity demand amid the Greek recession, authorities have noted.

Given the fact that operators cannot suffer losses of regulated amounts, this 115 million-euro amount shortfall will need to be recovered by DEDDIE through network tariffs to be set by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for the next few years.

The tariff’s implementation will be spread over time to avoid overburdening consumers, sources informed.

DEDDIE’s robust financial standing is essential for the electricity network’s operation, development and maintenance.

The operator’s role is also of pivotal importance for the country’s energy transition, placing emphasis on renewable energy and decentralized production, explained RAE official Nektaria Karakatsani.