DEDA, sole provider of smart meters, set for pilot program in north

Gas distributor DEDA is preparing to launch a pilot program offering direct connections to interested, network-located consumers in Serres, northern Greece. Halkida will follow, and if the response by consumers is positive, DEDA intends to further pursue its pilot program plan in the provincial cities of Lamia, Thebes and Katerini. The inclusion of Kilkis and Drama, both in the north, is also being considered.

Based on its five-year business plan, DEDA plans to develop distribution networks and create new markets in cities situated in Greece’s northern regions of central Macedonia, eastern Macedonia and Thrace, as well as other mainland areas.

DEDA plans to invest 142 million euros in the aforementioned areas between 2018 and 2022. Of this amount, 74.4 million has been secured through EU funding, the European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide 48 million euros, while the company, itself, intends to contribute 19.6 million euros.

DEDA, a wholly owned subsidiary of DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, established to cover supply to all parts of Greece except for the wider Athens area, Thessaly and Thessaloniki, currently stands as the only distributor installing smart meters for all its consumers.

DEDA, through its network, is currently supplying Halkor, Anoxal, Elval, Fulgor, Heron, M&M, Elpedison, Promitheas, as well as DEPA, EPA Attiki and EPA Thes.

These firms supply natural gas to a total of 162 industrial and commercial sector consumers through DEDA’s network. In 2016, their total natural gas consumption exceeded 2.3 TWh.