Decision for onshore block tenders expected mid-July

Offers submitted by Greek corporate groups ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) and Energean Oil for tenders concerning exploration and exploitation of onshore blocks along the country’s west side are currently being appraised for their technical aspects before any financial details are taken into consideration.

A final decision is expected no sooner than mid-July, according to authorities contacted yesterday by energypress. The offers are being assessed by an evaluation committee assembled by the Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Ministry, which is scheduled to meet again today.

ELPE was the only bidder for a block in northwest Peloponnese, while Energean Oil produced the sole bid for a block in the Etoloakarnania area, northwest Greece. Both companies provided bids for a block in the Arta-Preveza area, northwestern Greece. All bids were submitted about four months ago, on February 6, the tender’s deadline.

If ELPE and Energean Oil meet the tender’s technical and financial requirements, they will be called upon to place competing bids to secure the exploration and exploitation rights for the Arta-Preveza block.

Besides their technical capabilities, the environmental plans submitted by both companies will also be taken into consideration, the energy ministry has announced.

ELPE has already acquired the rights – in a preceding tender – to explore an offshore block in the Gulf of Patras, while Energean is exploiting deposits in Prinos, northern Greece, Katakolo, western Greece, and Ioannina, in the northwest.