No date for troika΄s return to Athens, IMF spokesman says‏

The date Greece΄s troika of lenders representatives will return to Athens is not set yet, according to William Murray, deputy spokesman of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday, responding to questions.

“I don’t have a return date at this moment,” Murray told reporters during a new conference at the IMF’s headquarters in Washington.
According to AMNA, he added, “At this point, we are discussing with Greek authorities what we need for the mission to return to Athens. This will determine the timetable. Preparatory work was already done when the IMF’s mission visited Athens in early October and discussed issues in the framework of the sixth assessment of the Greek programme and we are now focusing on the successful completion of the assessment.”
The IMF spokesman declined to comment on a “new relation” between the IMF and Greece, after the country exits from bailout programmes, and said that Greek authorities have not submitted any request to the IMF over a precautionary credit line. “Any such talk is academic,” he said, adding “we have our own programme ending in March 2016.”