Damaged ELPE refinery in Elefsina resumes operating

The ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) refinery in Elefsina, west of Athens, has resumed operating following a necessary one and a half month closure as a result of a technical fault at the facility’s hydrocracker unit.

The refinery’s hydrocracker unit resumed operating today while the remaining units, or Flexicockers, are expected to return to action by this Friday. The facility was temporarily closed for repair work on July 10.

Technical experts attributed the damage to an electrical inaccuracy at the refinery’s hydrocracker unit.

The cost of the damage, which reached 40 million euros, was covered by a number of insurance packages held by ELPE. The claim is believed to be one of the biggest handed out in Greece over the past few years.

The ELPE group’s refineries at Aspropyrgos, close to Elefsina, and northern city Thessaloniki covered the company’s local market needs as well as exports to subsidiaries during the period of repair work.