Crete-Athens grid interconnection 10% complete, small-scale link in March

Power grid operator IPTO has left unchanged its completion target for the Crete-Athens grid interconnection, keeping it at June, 2023, in its new 10-year development plan covering 2022 to 2031, an update on the 2021-2030 plan delivered last March.

Preliminary work on the project began last summer, now 10 percent completed.

IPTO’s updated 10-year development plan, prepared in December, is soon expected to be forwarded for public consultation.

Significant steps have been made for the project’s environmental licensing requirements, a procedure expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Expropriation procedures, including property purchases, needed for the installation of converter stations and overhead cables, are also anticipated to have been completed by the end of this year. Sound progress has been reported along this front.

A small-scale grid interconnection to link Crete with the Peloponnese is scheduled for completion at the end of March, according to IPTO’s updated ten-year development plan.