Deviation cost limit on small-scale PVs with FiTs to be halved

The energy ministry is planning to halve a cap concerning the balancing cost of small-scale photovoltaic systems operating with feed-in tariffs and balancing responsibilities, energypress sources have informed.

The current level does not permit this cost to exceed charges and overstay disincentives imposed by FOSETEK, the green aggregation representative body.

The energy ministry’s legislative revision, expected soon, will halve the current upper level permitted for these costs. It will primarily concern small-scale photovoltaics with capacities ranging between 400 and 500 KW for which agreements had been signed with DAPEEP, the RES market operator, beyond July 4, 2019, as, during the resulting period, all PV projects with capacities of over 400 KW are required to operate with feed-in-premiums.

According to market officials, a total of approximately 180 PVs operate based on feed-in-tariffs with balancing responsibilities intact.

Meanwhile, the energy ministry plans to temporarily increase reference prices for biomass and biogas units as a result of the energy crisis. The increase, expected to be 25 percent, will concern projects that have signed operational support contracts. The increase will apply until the end of 2023, while an extension through a ministerial decision will be made possible.