Conditions set for new energy efficiency category subsidies

Four new categories included in the latest Saving at Home program subsidizing energy efficiency upgrades at existing properties (photovoltaic systems with net metering; energy storage systems; vehicle recharging units; energy management systems) will only be made available for program applicants if older energy-saving categories (window frame replacement; external wall insulation; heating-cooling systems; hot water supply) are incorporated into applications and, in addition, elevate the energy status of residencies by at least three categories, according to a guide just released by the energy ministry.

The new program will feature offer energy efficiency upgrade subsidies of up to 85 percent and will be made available to virtually all property owners as income-related criteria will be relaxed. For example, families with annual income totals of as much as 120,000 euros will be eligible.

Greater subsidy amounts will also be made available for applicants following an increase of a previous 25,000-euro upper limit to 50,000 euros.