Competition intensifying in local electricity market

Competition in Greece’s electricity market is increasingly intensifying, as highlighted by bonus deals being offered by independent suppliers vying for market shares, especially in the medium-voltage category, as well as the low-voltage category for major-scale professional consumers.

The main power utility PPC, which has traditionally dominated the market as a virtual monopoly and is now obligated to surrender a large chunk as part of the country’s bailout agreement, is not hesitating to make counter offers whenever major customers are declaring decisions to transfer to rival suppliers.

Heron, one of the independent suppliers seeking market share gains, is offering household and professional consumers a 25 percent return of deposit payments at the completion of each year, as long as no electricity bills are owed, according to, a local price comparison website covering Greece’s electricity market. Heron is also offering an additional one percent tariff discount for punctual customers who have made arrangements for automatic payments of electricity bills through their banks. The supplier is also offering a further one percent discount for consumption measuring over 5,000 KWh per four-month period.

Elpedison is offering a 20 percent discount on the first six bills for household packages. This offer expires at the end of March.

Protergia is offering a 25 percent discount to larger-scale customers who pay electricity bills on time, as well as a 20 percent discount for the first six months. This offer is valid until the end of the current month. The company is also offering households with punctual paying records a 50 percent discount on fixed charges as well as lower nighttime tariff rates.

At NRG, one of the offers made entails tariff rate reductions for consumption of over 2,500 KWh.

The offers at Watt + Volt include a 30 percent discount for subscription payments in cases where automatic banking system payments have been arranged, as well as lower rates for households paying electricity bills through bank accounts and credit cards. This supplier’s current offer is valid until April 30.