Committee decides on debate for pending energy issues

A parliamentary committee meeting of presidents, also including  opposition party representatives, will meet today to decide whether a legislative amendment concerning pending energy sector revisions will be discussed and ratified this week.

The energy ministry submitted a draft bill to parliament last Friday but it remains unclear if this draft bill will make progress ahead of the snap elections, scheduled for July 7. The main opposition New Democracy party has yet to take a stance on the matter.

The bill’s core subject concerns the implementation of a capacity sufficiency mechanism and CAT remuneration for power utility PPC’s prospective Ptolemaida V power station, crucial for this unit’s sustainability. Scheduled for a launch in 2022, Ptolemaida V could emerge as Europe’s last lignite-fired power station addition.

Plans for YKO (Public Service Compensation) refunds concerning 2011 to PPC and a new payment system for RES output have also been incorporated into the bill.

A decision will also be reached at today’s meeting as to whether a second draft bill for a new RES penal code will be discussed in parliament. It was drafted some time ago. The governing Syriza party and ND appear to have agreed on this specific amendment.

Also today, the parliamentary presidents will also decide on whether the government will be permitted to table a multi-bill carrying pending emergency issues of all ministries for debate and ratification ahead of July’s general elections.