CO2 emission rights negotiations continue in Warsaw

Greece is continuing to pursue negotiations for the most favorable carbon emission rights agreement possible, the energy ministry has announced in a statement.

The announcement comes following a European Parliament vote last Wednesday in favor of the inclusion of CO2 emissions from shipping in the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) and the establishment, as of 2023, of a maritime climate fund “in the absence of progress at international level.”

Barring the inclusion of shipping CO2 emissions in the EU’s ETS, an issue for which the Greek government prefers an international agreement, the European Parliament’s vote was favorable for Greek interests, the energy ministry declared.

Greece’s deputy energy minister Sokratis Famellos will attend a meeting in Warsaw today, where carbon emission rights issues will be discussed.

Poland, along with Greece, are among the EU member states that reacted against initial carbon emission rights proposals made by the European Commission. Coordinated efforts by these countries have helped overvcome a number of differences.

Both Greece and Poland argue that lignite-fired electricity production represents a key part of their respective energy mixes and also provides a considerable number of jobs in the two countries.