CMEC team to visit for close-up look at Melitis II project plan

A team of CMEC (China Machinery Engineering Corporation) technical officials are scheduled to visit the Florina area in Greece’s north next week for a close-up examination of plans to develop a second lignite-fired power station, Melitis II, as an addition to Melitis I, operated by main power utility PPC.

The team will inspect the existing power station, coal mines and the wider region and then prepare a report for CMEC’s administration.

PPC and CMEC signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Athens last September concerning the construction of a second PPC lignite-fired power station in Florina.

Some preliminary work has already been completed. Chinese officials sent PPC two lists of questions last September and November concerning technical and financial matters. The Greek utility has already provided answers to these.

The Chinese company will base its decision as to whether Melitis II is a feasible investment on the PPC responses as well as others that may be required, along with the report to be prepared by CMEC’s traveling technical team. A final decision is expected in spring, PPC believe.

The MoU signed between the Greek utility and CMEC states that the Chinese firm will cover the power station’s construction cost while PPC will provide its mines – 40 percent of Vevi and Klidi – as well as Melitis I for the partnership. Private-sector firms holding interests in other regional mines – Vevi’s other 60 percent and Ahlada – have been invited to take part in the Greek-Chinese venture.

According to a preliminary schedule, a consortium could be formed within 2017, while construction of the new power station will require four to five years to complete.