CAT prenotification set for EC, public consultation requested

The energy ministry is planning to deliver its pre-notification of the country’s permanent CAT remuneration mechanism to the European Commission within the next two weeks.

The plan, forwarded to the energy ministry by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, in July, does not deprive power stations of the right to participate in reliability option auctions.

The plan’s assessment by EU authorities – for its compliance with European Commission proposals, directives and CO2 emission right upper limits that need to be met by electricity producers for state aid qualification – is seen as a crucially important step by the Greek government.

Lignite-related exemptions for Greece by the European Commission, given lignite’s key role in local electricity production, are seen as a crucial point. If offered, such exemptions will surely come with a binding plan for a gradual end of the system’s reliance on lignite.

The industrial sector has called for the staging of a public consultation procedure before decisions are made as demand-related issues have not been taken into account.