Cap for electricity generation technologies by end of June

A ministerial decision for price caps to be applied to respective electricity generation technologies is expected by the end of the month, on time for their introduction, planned for July 1.

In the lead-up, within the next few days, authorities are expected to deliver a legislative revision carrying the details of a remuneration mechanism for electricity producers.

The cap on hydropower facilities is expected to be set at a relatively high level, ranging from 100 to 120 euros per MWh, well above initial estimates between 80 and 90 euros per MWh, according to energypress sources.

As for the RES sector, the price cap is expected to be set somewhere between 80 and 90 euros per MWh.

A cap of between 220 and 230 euros per MWh is expected to be set for natural gas-fueled power stations.