Roof-mounted PV subsidies up roughly 15% to at least €230m

The government has decided to boost the budget of a first-round subsidy package for roof-mounted solar panel installations by approximately 15 percent, to at least 230 million euros from an initial sum of 200 million euros, driven by extraordinary demand as well as forthcoming general elections in Greece, on May 21, as well as early July, the latest, if a second round is needed.

The energy ministry, waiting for certain subsidy-package details to be finalized, could launch the support program for roof-mounted solar panel installations today. If not, it is expected to be launched within the next few days, ahead of the upcoming weekend’s Greek Easter break.

In practical terms, the additional 30 million euros or so to be made available for roof-mounted solar panel subsidies means that between 33,000 and 35,000 households and farmers, up from an initial total of 30,000, will be eligible for the package’s support.

Also, the additional RES capacity to be offered to the grid as a result of these installations stands to rise to 170 MW from 150 MW.

Capacity limits for the package’s PVs and batteries, as well as participation terms, based on details announced in March, will remain unchanged.

The package’s solar panel installation subsidies will cover as much as 75 percent of the investment’s cost for households and 60 percent for farmers.