Brussels wants further details on Greek energy market plan

The energy ministry is currently in the process of providing additional information to European Commission officials and clarifying Greece’s new energy market plan.

The procedure is being conducted at a technical level ahead of higher-level negotiations next month, when finalized decisions are expected.

Brussels officials have requested further information on a range of issues, including technical details concerning the forward market, whose launch is planned for February; a government plan to exempt power utility PPC from bailout-related restrictions imposed on public sector companies; the sale model for a stake in electricity distribution operator DEDDIE/HEDNO; as well as the privatization plan for gas utility DEPA.

The next Enhanced Surveillance Report on Greece will be delivered at the end of November. Information currently being collected is helping shape an initial draft.

A still-unofficial request by the Greek government for an easing of a market share contraction target concerning PPC, to 65 percent, from 50 percent by the end of this year, now impossible, will be among the problematic issues to be discussed at next month’s top-level negotiations.

Brussels is unlikely to accept this request for PPC unless a countermeasure of equivalent weight is offered, sources informed.